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Online Coaching with Tim Snell

Meet Tim

Certified Breathwork Instructor & Coach

I became a SOMA Breath Master Instructor because I have personally experienced the profound healing and transformation that breathwork can bring.


As a coach, I have witnessed the incredible power of the mind and mindset to create exponential change in people's lives. And as an energy worker, I dove deeper into my own being than I ever thought possible. I pushed myself beyond known limits and experienced things that are too intense to describe in mere words.


Combining these three powerful modalities, I am dedicated to helping you overcome emotional obstacles, break free from limiting patterns, and become the architect of your own future. Together, we will move mountains and rediscover your emotional truth. Let's start this journey towards profound healing and transformation.

We discover ourselves reflected in others as we navigate the world based on our own lens of experience...

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What I Specialize In

Reset Your Nervous System

Establish Better Breathing Habits

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Understanding your Challenges & Gifts

Personalised Exploration of Your Blocks

Walking the Way.HEIC

The Journey Towards Connection Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

“I'm really grateful to have participated in this journey as it liberated me in a deeper way. Alone I could not have done this, but with Tim's support I was able to transform a lot of discomfort.”

- Angela B

“Learning through Tim is a wonderful experience. His empathy and support is something you wouldn't find in too many workshops/courses elsewhere”

- Amanda Z

“I now have a deeper connection to myself and more compassion for those around me. Your impact has been profound, and in record time.”

- Tarek J

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Corporate Breathwork

Stress, anxiety, and resilience are not just trendy topics in corporate well-being; they are critical factors that can have a significant personal and financial impact due to poor mental health and decreased productivity.

Empower your team to reach their full potential by providing them with practical tools to manage stress in the moment, build resilience, and enjoy the process.

Better breathing is not a mystical practice; it is a scientifically proven technique that can improve team members' performance. It makes perfect sense to incorporate this approach to help your team achieve success.

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