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Meet Tim

Certified Master Breathwork Instructor

Leadership & Life Coach

Wisdom keeper

Are you struggling to find balance between your career and personal growth?


As someone who has walked two distinct paths for over a decade, I understand the challenges and rewards of both worlds. Let me share my wealth of experience with you and help guide you towards your fullest potential.

As a skilled writer, leader, and problem solver in the world of complex sales, I thrive in high-pressure environments and can help you navigate through ambiguity. As a committed wisdom seeker, I have accumulated knowledge and skills from around the world and within myself, allowing me to bring a unique perspective to my work as People & Culture Director at a fast-growing tech start-up, Master Breathwork Instructor with SOMA Breath, and Leadership Coach with BetterUp.

Through hundreds of breathwork sessions, I have witnessed the transformational power of this practice, and as a seasoned coach with over 500 hours of experience, I can help you find your own truth despite the uncertainties you may face.


Whether you're seeking personal growth or professional development, I am here to support you on your journey towards self-understanding and deep listening. Let's unlock your true potential together.



  • Master of Business Administration (Leadership & Certification)

  • Diploma of Business (Management)

  • Barefoot Business & Personal Coaching

  • Conscious Business Coaching


  • SOMA Breath Master Instructor

  • Add Heart Facilitator, HeartMath Institute

  • Natural Wisdom Leaders, Ayni Foundation

  • Yoga Teacher Training (RYS 200)

  • Usui Reiki Levels I & II

  • Shamanic Energy Healing

  • Diamond Light Numbers & Activations

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I travelled the world in search of answers so you don't have to

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I offer you the chance to experience a deeper connection

“Tim’s easy approach and highly skilled questioning eased me into thinking about areas of my life that felt blocked at the moment.

I began to see ways in which to approach these blocks, ways that I doubt I’d have come up with if left to my own.

 I would highly recommend working with Tim - his manner and approach are both supportive and insightful.”

- Grant, UK

“Tim was extremely compassionate, non-judgmental and very professional in his work with me. He introduced new ways of self discovery for me that hit my core so deeply, I was barely able to speak (this happens to me when I am receiving deep healing and truths that I recognize). Through Tim’s wise guidance I am now able to enjoy the process in my work rather than freezing at the thought of imperfection.”

- Shirley, Canada

Tim knew how to pierce through the layers of my limiting beliefs to get to the root of what's holding me back.

From our work together I gained on perspective, clarity and felt motivated about my professional project after being stock for a while. I left our session with practical tools and concrete first steps for my action plan, I am now ready to get the ball rolling.

- Marion, Spain


Life is a series of perfectly choreographed, yet unforeseeable steps. Will you take your first step towards inner freedom, and risk seeing where it takes you...?

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