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Meditation for the Modern World

Join over 1 million people worldwide who are becoming happier and healthier with this simple practice they can look forward to every day.

Breath Is Life

Life is Breath

SOMA Breath is ancient breathing and meditation techniques for the modern world. Using music and guided visualisation to create an enjoyable and deeply healing experience. 


This short video will help you release stress in minutes.

Meditation Class

The Sunday Session

Join our global breathwork community and heal from the comfort of your own home.


My signature Sunday Session offers 90 minutes of transformational breathwork guiding you towards deeper personal growth. Connect with like-minded individuals who are committed to elevating their consciousness and unlocking their full potential.

The Sunday Session is now offered on the third week of each month at 7pm - 8:30pm via Zoom.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to heal and connect with a dedicated community.

Sessions last 90 minutes, including:

  • Connection & Intention Setting

  • up to 60 minutes of SOMA Breath

  • Sharing, Q&A

Trusted by....

What Happens To Your Brain After SOMA 'The Awakening'? 

In May 2016 the team at SOMA Breath performed the SOMA Awakening Breathwork ceremony at an event called Afest by Mindvalley.

A team of NASA scientist’s and founders of Peak Neurofitness measured brainwaves during the session and the results were astonishing, confirming that participants can have emotional releasing, deep relaxation and even Aha moments in just one session.

Trypnaural Ultra combined with special breathwork techniques handed down from true masters of ancient breathwork techniques enhances brain function like nothing else!

Get 55%* off SOMA Breath 21 Day Awakening Journey

The SOMA Breath 21 Day Awakening Journey is currently being studied by Cambridge University.

"We chose to collaborate with Soma Breath due to its very clear and systematic approach, and the effectiveness of the method as per clear report from those participating and the researchers coordinating the study."

Supercharge Your Mind, Body & Spirit And Call In Your True Life's Purpose In This 21 Day Virtual Retreat

* Use Code tim21 at the checkout for 55% off the full price of self-study only

Image by Mitchell Griest
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