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The Secret Emotional Coding in Your Birthday

Our ancestors have used the stars to navigate the oceans, the seasons and the passing of the ages. There has been a resurgent interest in our planet and our place in the solar system as we witness the destruction of nature and our systems continue to break down.

As we look in wonder at the stars above, we forget the wonder that resides within, the wisdom shared by Hermes Trismegistus that ‘as above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul...’ there is great wonder to be discovered within and our birth date holds the key to many layers of self discovery and healing.

This is not an article about Astrology or even really about Numerology - if you’re on my website you’ve probably looked into one or the other.

Your birth-date can help you navigate your mental, emotional and soul wounds to such a deep level that you can find answers to your own specific challenges by drawing on the wisdom of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and your chakras. Both come together in Diamond Light Numbers, a system I have used to help understand and transcend the patterns in my own life.

I started to explore the wisdom of the Diamond Light consciousness a few years ago and through the Numbers of my birthday I have:

  • come to a deeper understanding of my emotional challenges, how they show up and the actions I can take to transform them,

  • had way too many ah huh moments about why my relationships are the way that they are and how I can bring healing to those,

  • used the Numbers to explore the shadows that have held me back from my potential, and

  • sat in amazement as my life has unfolded in beautiful ways as I’ve aligned myself to my own path of heart - the true calling of my soul.

When teaching the Numbers and following up with my students I am continually humbled by the depth of healing and transformation that occurs.

One of the most powerful foundational teachings of the Diamond Light Numbers is that we each have a choice - to be a victim of our emotions; or to be fully responsible for them. When we give ourselves deep compassion and understanding, and we learn bring heartfelt acceptance to our innate challenges, we can create permanent change in our lives. As easy as it is to read these words, the act of self-acceptance is one so many of us struggle with daily.

Where the Numbers help is by pinpointing the specific patterns and challenges that exist for each person, the practices that help to dissolve the energetic patterns and the deeper wisdom that comes from the inner tree of life.

In my own explorations of Diamond Light I’ve come to appreciate that it’s not a once and done process. Rather the deep wisdom unfolds continually over time as the mind let’s go if it’s grip and the wisdom of something far more profound and sustaining arises.

When I gaze at the stars and the planets, I feel more then ever that I am part of something bigger than myself; that there is so much we are yet to comprehend about our place in the universe - and that makes life a beautiful journey of discovery.

Will you discover the wisdom of your own birthday with me?

Tim is a Teacher of Diamond Light Numbers and Diamond Light Activations. He holds regular workshops and provides 1:1 support for those who want to go deeper into their explorations.

To learn more about the secret emotional coding in your birthday, check out Diamond Light Numbers at

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